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Woman Owned Compost Company

"Lettuce" Break it down for you!!

Wompost is a key partner in our effort to increase food security and sovereignty right here in Aurora. By providing fresh compost to our local gardens and Urban Farms they are helping build a healthy and vibrant community rooted in fresh, healthy and local food production.

So why compost? For beginners, it helps the environment. By composting, the average family can divert 500 pounds of waste from filling landfills and polluting our air and water supply. Composting fights climate change, effectively and simply.

Additionally, compost is a key ingredient to a healthy farm, garden, or lawn. It absorbs more water and holds it for roots. It makes minerals more available to the plants, and makes space for roots to grow. Check out Wompost's blog for an account of a zero waste household goal.

Their process is simple. They charge a basic fee to pick up every week. They are here so that one day you can cancel your trash service! Check out how their system works.

Step 1

Sign Up for Weekly Compost Pickup or Drop-Off, or set up a One Time Pickup. We'll provide a bucket and compostable bags to collect your organic waste: kitchen and yard waste. See a list of compostable items.

Step 2

Drop off whenever convenient for you at our drop-off locations. Or, set your bin out weekly for compost pickup, and we'll collect. We'll bring your biodegradable waste to a composting facility.

Step 3

Your waste turns to gold! You earn 60 gallons of finished loose compost every year. We deliver the earned compost 3 times per year. If you are not a member, you can purchase compost for bulk delivery here.

See, pretty simple, straight forward and easy. So if you eat food please consider composting that food with Wompost. Join us in the fight to prevent climate change and assist us in growing our local community. If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to Wompost directly here or visit the Rebel Marketplace and speak with Carolyn directly.


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