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"Feeding our community one garden at a time"

"What they are looking for is good nutrition for their families. Food that's contamination-free and high quality

- Booker T Whatley

2024 Market Season

Del Mar Park (6th and Peoria) Aurora CO.  

Opening Day May 11th 9am - 1pm

Every Saturday starting.  

June 1st - August 31st

"Rebel Marketplace is a community driven market  dedicated to sowing seeds of change in Aurora Colorado, helping develop small neighborhood farms that do more than feed — they unite and build community.


Our approach is unique: we cultivate gardens and connections, nourishing bodies and souls alike. We seek to help build a food sovereign neighborhood; provide economic opportunities for small neighborhood business and build a community around quality food and urban agriculture.


"Grow Local, Eat Local, Thrive Local."

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