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Our Story

"Our journey began in 2015 with five small kids in my backyard in Montbello, Colorado. We spent most weekends together, engaging in 'man talk', learning how to grow food and garden. We called ourselves Rebels In The Garden.

Fast forward nine years to 2024, and these kids have grown into young men, while my small daughter has blossomed into a vibrant and energetic 13-year-old. Initially, we created this market as a place for us to sell our produce, imagining something akin to a front-yard lemonade stand. However, as we began interacting with the community, we realized the need for a Neighborhood Farmers Market. Thus, Rebel Marketplace was born, teaching the kids how hard work, time, and community can culminate in something truly amazing!

Rebel Marketplace is unique, and we are continuously learning, striving to carve out our place in the competitive world of highly successful Farmers Markets.

I am incredibly proud of my young adults from Rebels In The Garden and am profoundly grateful for our community vendors and the overwhelming support and love we receive from all of you!

In essence, this is who we are. We are Rebels In The Garden, and together with our community vendors, we created Rebel Marketplace!"

Our Mission:

“To provide the local community an access point for fresh food, producers, local businesses and community activists”.



The Rebel Marketplace was created to be a true neighborhood marketplace run and operated by surrounding community businesses.  Most Farmers Markets are not. Many Farmers Markets pull vendors from all of over the state of Colorado, decreasing local business participation and increasing the barrier to entry which can be challenging to smaller operations.


The Rebel Marketplace believes that there is enough talent and businesses in a six mile radius to fully supply and stand up a neighborhood marketplace. By creating a singular, locally run access point for goods and services, we envision a vibrant, cooperative and healthy community.  



Main Objectives


1.    Lower Barrier of entry

2.    Provide local neighborhood businesses access to customers

3.    Showcasing and exhibiting local artist and businesses to the community

4.    Unite the community via commerce and community involvement

5.    Assist aspiring gardeners and provide a Market to sell their produce

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